When meteorologists are on the go, you can be sure of a meteorological surprise

PHILIPPINES —  A meteorologist with a penchant for predicting weather has been spotted at the International Space Station on the second day of a two-week mission.NASA astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted Monday that a meteorologist on the International Station, located about 3,300 miles (5,800 kilometers) from Earth, spotted a meteor with a green tail.In the image, […]

Which meteorological states are most prone to an ice storm?

Posted November 13, 2019 11:17:54A new survey of weather in the United States has found that the state of Texas is the most likely to experience an icestorm.The survey by the National Weather Service (NWS) found that on average, Texas experiences between one and two ice storms a year.The most common types of ice storms […]

Which countries will get the most rain from El Nino?

Brazil is the most likely to see a large rain event in 2018, according to data from a Brazilian meteorological agency.The country has experienced a spate of thunderstorms this month and the number of tornadoes has risen.In the latest forecast from the country’s meteorological authority, it predicts a “moderate” El Nio event.The forecast has already […]

When you need to know about the best forecasting models for the past 10 years

Hacker News users have been clamoring for years for more information on forecasting models and for a detailed explanation of how they work.The new forecast models were released a few weeks ago by the Meteorological Prediction Center (MPC) and it looks like we’re finally getting that.The forecast models used in today’s article were compiled from […]

How to be an effective meteorologist

What do meteorologists need to do in order to be effective?Meteorologists have the most to learn, the most important role, and the most difficult job.Here are some key things to know about being a meteorologist.1.Your job as a meteorological professional depends on your area of expertise.Meteorologists need an education that is broad and practical.For example, […]

How to learn more about tornadoes and other meteorological topics from around the world

A good start might be reading about the science of tornadoes, which can happen in many parts of the world. The best source for this information is a book called Tornadoes, by Richard M. Fagan. In this book, Fagan covers tornadoes in every part of the globe and discusses their causes, consequences, prevention and recovery.The book is […]

How to get a good picture of Sydney weather today

A good weather forecast is important for any day-to-day activities such as driving or travelling.However, the weather on any given day can be different depending on the type of activity.“We’ve got a very busy summer here in Sydney,” Ms Gillard said.“You could get a very dry day in the north and a wet day in […]

Meteorological magazine’s meteorological equation calculator

Meteorological Magazine has a handy calculator to help you calculate meteorological values, like the strength of the Earth’s rotation, and their relative values on the other planets.Meteorological values can be calculated using the following equations:  Earth’s rotation = (v2 * v3)^2 + (v1 * v2)^3 Earth’s average speed of rotation = v2 * (v3)v3 Earths […]

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