Month: August 2021

NASA satellite map reveals the biggest threats for the US and Canada on July 1, 2018

NASA has released a satellite map of the continental United States and Canada showing how the countrys major cities are affected by severe weather.The satellite map, released today (July 1), shows that the continental U.S. is at its worst with severe storms, hail and damaging winds of 70mph (112km/h) and rain of up to 40 […]

Centro meteorology: why study meteorological studying

Centro Meteorologico Usa is the official agency for meteorological research in Italy.It provides a comprehensive list of the weather, climate and meteorological observatories of the country and coordinates all meteorological data.It is the only agency in Italy which is directly responsible for all meteorology activities in the country.The Centro is based in Tuscany.It has an […]

Fiji’s meteorological station has fallen to the ‘fall’ category

Fiji’s Meteorological Station, located in the remote Andaman Sea, has lost its signal, the Meteorological Service (MS) announced on Friday.The Meteorological Office of Fiji reported that the meteorological facility lost signal in mid-July, with data from the satellite data coming in from the previous two days.According to the MS, the station was not equipped to […]

How To Find Meteorological Terms In The Weather Catalog

Meteorological terms are a key part of the weather forecast.They are used in terms of temperature, precipitation and wind direction to provide information on the strength of the system and its predicted track.Understanding meteorological terms can help you identify when to adjust your forecasts or predict when the system will change.Here are some meteorological term […]

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