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Meteorological season in Japan starts in September

Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) began its spring forecasting season on Monday, beginning in the eastern region of Hokkaido and spreading out across the country.While the agency has been releasing forecasts since 2011, they have been mostly issued by local governments in the capital, Tokyo.The meteorological season has also been marked by record-breaking cold and snow, […]

Watch as Russia’s meteorological satellites track the Earth’s wobbles

Meteorologists in Russia are reporting that their satellites are tracking the wobbles of the Earth.This is happening even though the satellites are still at their launch sites.Russia’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology tweeted out a photo of the data collected.A couple of days ago we announced the formation of the #ROSKOM, #MOMAT, #SMOOM, and […]

When the Weather Becomes Meteorology Research Projects

By Laura Loomis, Reuters |Published Dec 13, 2018 01:18:30A few years ago, when weather forecasting was still in its infancy, the weather was always going to be an important part of a meteorologist’s job.But the technology that made forecasting more accessible has evolved dramatically in recent years, so weather forecasts have also become more sophisticated, […]

When do meteorologists have the right to live and work in Malaysia?

Meteorology internals have been a contentious issue in Malaysia for some time now, with many students questioning their academic standing in the profession, especially with the country’s high-profile coronavirus pandemic having recently brought the issue to the forefront.The new law, proposed by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, states that meteorologists will be allowed to […]

Centro meteorology: why study meteorological studying

Centro Meteorologico Usa is the official agency for meteorological research in Italy.It provides a comprehensive list of the weather, climate and meteorological observatories of the country and coordinates all meteorological data.It is the only agency in Italy which is directly responsible for all meteorology activities in the country.The Centro is based in Tuscany.It has an […]

Why Texas is home to the country’s most resilient crop: farmers

A new crop in Texas has proved to be resilient to climate change, farmers say.Agricultural experts said the state’s perennials have responded to drought with a new crop that can withstand heavy rain and extreme heat.A Texas Agriculture Department report released this week said that the perennials, known as mesquite, have been thriving as drought […]

AUSTRALIA: ‘There’s nothing to see here’

On Tuesday night, the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Office reported that a large meteorological event, with a diameter of about 2,000 kilometres, had hit the northern coast of the Australian Capital Territory.The event, dubbed the AFROP, is one of the most powerful meteorological events the planet has ever seen.The coronavirus epidemic that began in December […]

How to read weather in 10 minutes: Why the US and Canada are on the same page

The weather on the ground is changing rapidly.The United States and Canada have a common understanding of the day-to-day weather in the United States, and they have different expectations for when to expect different types of weather.The US and Canadians have a much more flexible understanding of weather in other countries.  What to do if you’re […]

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