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Which countries will get the most rain from El Nino?

Brazil is the most likely to see a large rain event in 2018, according to data from a Brazilian meteorological agency.The country has experienced a spate of thunderstorms this month and the number of tornadoes has risen.In the latest forecast from the country’s meteorological authority, it predicts a “moderate” El Nio event.The forecast has already […]

How to get a good picture of Sydney weather today

A good weather forecast is important for any day-to-day activities such as driving or travelling.However, the weather on any given day can be different depending on the type of activity.“We’ve got a very busy summer here in Sydney,” Ms Gillard said.“You could get a very dry day in the north and a wet day in […]

How to become a meteorologist degree program intern for the Philippines

Meteorology Internship (MMI) is an intensive one-year program in the Philippines with an emphasis on meteorology, earth observation, and remote sensing.It is offered in collaboration with the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).Philippines is one of the most popular countries for students studying meteorology.The country has been the most impacted by Typhoon Haiyan, which devastated many areas.As […]

How to predict rainfall and flooding in the New Jersey and New York areas (pdf)

by The Associated Press title Meteorological hazards (pdf), seasonal and meteorological parameters (pdf).article by APTN/ABC News (Austria) title Meteorology & meteorology forecasts and information (pdf, 1.07MB) article copyright © 2018 by The American Press Association.Terms of Use: By using APTN or its affiliates, you agree to abide by all copyright and other policies.

When a meteorologist says ‘no’ to a meteor, there’s a good chance it’s not true

When meteorologists are asked to “no” a forecast or to forecast something that’s not happening, they have to do it.The reason is simple: They’re under pressure.They have to keep their jobs and their careers.So if they say they don’t know, the public is free to infer that they’re lying.The truth is, the majority of meteorologists […]

What Is Meteorology Major?

Meteorology major is an advanced undergraduate course that offers a more hands-on approach to meteorology and meteorology research.The course covers the fundamentals of meteorology including atmospheric science, climate, hydrology, and geophysics.Students can choose from an introductory introductory level course, an intermediate level course or a more advanced level course.There is also a graduate program that […]

‘No way’: Geelong barbershop cuts jobs, opens barber shop in Melbourne

A barbers shop in Geelong has announced it will close its doors for good amid concerns over the impact of climate change.The Geelong Barbershop has been in business for 40 years but has lost more than half of its jobs because of climate impacts, said owner Gary Parnell.“It’s a massive change.The world is changing and […]

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