Behr’s Weather Station in Germany is the first commercial facility to operate using the technology

By Eric Sorensen | 03.24.2016 09:11:07While many businesses have embraced cloud computing, Behr says it’s not just for big companies.

“It’s great for small companies, too.

And the world is moving from being a big country to a little country.”

Behr, who’s been with Behr for nearly four decades, has been making weather forecasts for more than 10 years.

In that time, the company has installed and operated its own weather station, installed solar panels, and has become one of the most popular companies in the industry.

Behr has been operating a weather station for more to than a decade, and is one of a handful of companies in Germany that’s built a weather forecasting center out of its headquarters.

The company’s chief operating officer, Martin Behr-Schwarzenegger, says that Behr will be one of just a few companies worldwide that are now able to use the technology for weather forecasts.

“Our technology is a natural fit,” says Behr.

“I think that’s going to be really important for a lot of people, and I’m really excited about that.”

Behr’s facility has about 70 sensors, which can detect temperature, humidity, and wind speed and direction.

Its sensors measure the temperature, and its cameras take temperature readings from the inside of a car, as well as from a tree, a house, or any other surface in the environment.

Behr can also see and record how long a person is standing, and it can detect a person walking on a beach or snowmobile trails.

Weather stations also have cameras to collect real-time weather data.

Behar is also using the sensors to gather data from the sun and to measure wind speed.

“You can’t do all that in the lab,” says Michael Siegel, senior vice president at Behr Technologies.

“There are lots of sensors.

You need a lot more of them.”

Behn is also working with a few large weather companies, such as Arup, and the companies are using the system to track the wind speed, humidity levels, and other parameters for their forecasts.

The Behr facility is also making a forecast that’s already available to the public, but the company says that’s not enough to make the system more widely available.

“We are building a world-class, commercial weather data platform to be used by any major company that wants to use it,” says Siegel.

“This is the way to go.”

“If you want to have a good quality forecast, you have to have the weather data to go with it.”

Behar says the company is building its own hardware for the system, which is already being used by large businesses such as the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

For example, the facility is already using a Behr sensor that can record data from two cameras that are mounted on the roof of a building.

The sensor is used to measure the humidity and wind speeds, and for this project, Behar will also be using a digital temperature sensor.

The two sensors will be able to record the data from different angles, and Behr is planning to use them together in a series of weather models.

In this case, it will record temperature from the top of the building, and humidity from the outside of the room.

The sensors will also collect real time weather data, but Behr also has plans to make their own software, so that it can be used for more weather forecasting.

The software will also let users share their forecasts and get notifications when a storm passes.

“If you wanted to get an update on a forecast and your location, you would use this software, and then you would get an email or a notification,” says Seebach.

“But with this, you can have that in real time.

And it’s a completely open platform.

The way we are building it is very different from other systems.

It’s open for anybody to build on top of it.”

There are no barriers to us building a weather platform.

It will be open source.

Anyone can start up their own cloud platform.

“The company also says that its system will be compatible with the Behr cloud platform, which has been in use since 2014.

Behr also plans to build out a weather system that’s able to detect hurricanes, tornadoes, and droughts.

In a year or two, the technology could be able also be used to track wildfires.”

Behhr’s goal is to build its own software for weather prediction that is open to the community. “

In the future, it could also be a place to test different sensors and equipment.”

Behhr’s goal is to build its own software for weather prediction that is open to the community.

But for now, Schmidt says the most important thing is that people can have a reliable and accurate forecast.

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