FSU meteorologists predict storm system will move through Florida by Monday

By Greg StobbePublished May 23, 2017 11:16:54When Hurricane Maria made landfall on Puerto Rico earlier this week, the island was left without power for nearly two weeks.

Hurricane Maria has since left more than 20 million people without electricity, and the island is still reeling from its devastation.

FSU’s meteorology department has issued its own warning for what the storm system could look like.

“We can see a big hurricane headed toward Florida on Saturday,” FSU professor of meteorology Jeff Waddell told Fox News on Friday.

“The winds and waves are moving out into the Gulf of Mexico.”

Waddell said that the storm could be strong enough to bring winds of up to 200 mph, which is the maximum speed at which the hurricane can pass.

“It could come through Florida,” he said.

“You could have a major storm that would be on the coast of Florida.

There could be a hurricane that could make landfall in the Florida Keys, and we’ll see what happens.”

The forecasted storm track was issued by the National Hurricane Center (NHC) and was based on a number of factors including wind speeds, direction and path, and rainfall totals, but it also includes other factors.

Waddill said that even though this forecast is not definitive, the storm should be expected to hit Florida at some point between Monday and Wednesday.

The hurricane is expected to be the strongest to make landfall on the United States in more than 40 years.

WADDILL said that a hurricane is a Category 1 hurricane with sustained winds of at least 185 mph, with maximum sustained winds up to 175 mph.

“It’s going to be pretty rough out there for people,” he added.

In a report released earlier this month, FSU said that it expected Maria to be a Category 2 hurricane by the end of May, but said that this is based on weather conditions on the island and the fact that the hurricane is still a threat to Florida.

The storm is forecast to make a landfall in Florida on the west coast of the island sometime between Tuesday and Thursday.

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