How to identify a potential hazard in your home

The latest climate change forecasts show a more uncertain future for Australia’s future as we enter the next decade.

We’re facing a climate change emergency, which means a rise in the risk of extreme weather events.

There are no easy answers to how the world is changing.

The key thing is to understand what the risks are.

That’s the reason why we’ve made the interactive Meteorology icon, where you can explore the latest climate data and forecasts.

If you’re interested in climate change, you can find out more at

But if you want to know how the weather looks, there’s no better way than to take a look at a chart of the past 30 years of Australian weather.

Here’s what we’re up against.

We’ll start with our current forecast: The past 30 days Australia has experienced: A record amount of rainfall.

This is an example of extreme rainfall.

The average rainfall in the month of August is 7.3mm.

That was the highest ever recorded in the continental United States.

A record snowfall.

The snowfall is a new record for Australia.

This winter, the country recorded 11.7mm in total snowfall, the third most in a single month on record.

It was the second highest on record for the entire year.

A new record heatwave.

The summer heatwave is not only continuing, but it’s intensifying.

It’s the hottest summer on record and it has already killed two people in Victoria and the Sunshine Coast.

The heat is expected to continue into this winter.

It is forecast to continue for a couple of days.

Temperatures in the South are expected to remain above 40C.

We have record rainfall, record snowfalls and record heat.

There’s more to come.

In the meantime, the heatwave continues to intensify, with more severe weather in the coming days and weeks.

What are the risks?

The risks for Australians are similar to what we experienced during the past decade.

The risks have increased in the past few days as a result of climate change.

For instance, a lot of heatwaves are expected in the southern states, with a lot more intense rain, which is more extreme than normal.

As well, we’re going to have a longer heatwave than normal, which will make life even harder for people.

For the first time, we will experience some of the strongest and longest droughts in Australian history, which are likely to last for several years.

The risk of heatwave-related illness is likely to increase, and it could be worse than usual.

We could have some of our most vulnerable populations exposed to more heatwaves.

In addition, more frequent droughting will make it harder to manage the water levels in some regions and the amount of water available in reservoirs could be reduced.

Australia’s heatwave will likely last for a few more months, and we’ll also have some more extreme heat events over the next couple of months.

We might also see some outbreaks of heat related illness, but these outbreaks will be much more rare.

In short, Australia is in a dangerous state.

But how can we prepare?

Australia is a big country.

There is no single, simple answer to how to prepare for extreme weather.

It depends on your location, your lifestyle and your local weather system.

Here are some ideas for preparing your home and business.

Keep a weather watch list.

You can use the weather watchlist tool on to keep track of all the weather warnings that you can add to your home or business’s weather log.

If your home’s weather is unusual, you should look into adding weather alerts to your local forecast, which could be posted to your weather app or on the Weatherzone website.

This way, if you do experience a weather emergency, you’ll know what to do.

If there are no alerts, it’s important to remember that your local local weather information is often based on historical forecasts and is subject to change.

The best way to find out how your local meteorological data is updated is to use the National Weather Service’s webcast.

The webcast is a public service, so it’s free.

If a forecast is not showing up on your weather watch, it might be because your local service has not updated it in a timely manner.

The National Weather Office’s webcasts are updated every 30 days.

So if you see an update, it means that the weather service has updated the forecast for your location.

You should also be aware that if you are experiencing a heatwave, you might have to temporarily relocate your home.

A good way to do this is to contact your local fire brigade, who can assist with evacuation.

Some local authorities have developed heatwave evacuation plans, which may be available from your local council.

You’ll need to check with your local authorities before making a decision about the evacuation.

Get your emergency preparedness checklist

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