How to learn more about tornadoes and other meteorological topics from around the world

A good start might be reading about the science of tornadoes, which can happen in many parts of the world. 

The best source for this information is a book called Tornadoes, by Richard M. Fagan. 

In this book, Fagan covers tornadoes in every part of the globe and discusses their causes, consequences, prevention and recovery.

The book is available for purchase online or in hardcover.

Read more about Tornadoes here: article A quick Google search shows that most of the information in the book is not widely known.

What’s more, there is no official list of tornado experts, or an official list for tornado research in Australia.

However, this website, which aims to give more information about tornado research around the globe, has compiled a list of Australian tornado experts and some of their work.

I started with the Australian National University’s Tornado Research Centre, which has more than 100 scientists and researchers.

After that, I went to the University of Queensland, where they also have a Tornado Research Unit, which I also used to research their website.

Then I went back to the tornado research centres of the University and National Universities of Australia.

I found a lot of information on the internet and a few interesting people to ask questions to, so I wanted to compile a list.

The best sources for this research are many websites, and some people have been researching tornado research for years, so they may have information they would like to share.

It is important to note that a lot is known about the weather in the United States, and this is largely due to the weather forecasts that were made before the 1950s.

For example, there are some forecasts that are from the 1950 to 1970s, which are considered reliable because they were based on computer models. 

Another important piece of information is the National Weather Service (NWS), which is an organization of state and local weather agencies, and which is responsible for forecasting all the weather events in the US.

This is the source of information about the National Hurricane Center, which provides information on hurricanes, tornadoes etc. There is also a website called the National Climatic Data Center which tracks all the data from around 30 different weather stations.

Finally, there’s a website for meteorologists called Meteorological Institute of America, which is run by NOAA.

They are the source for the most detailed and accurate forecasts, as well as information on other aspects of weather science, like tornadoes.

Many of the sources I found were listed by location, which might help to identify sources of information.

I found a couple of good sources on Australia: The Weather Network has an online map of the country, which includes a lot more information than the US or the UK. 

Here’s an overview of the locations of some of the major sources I linked to: Australian Meteorological Association.

AAP (Australian Public Service).

Australian Weather Centre.

Australia Meteorology Network.


National Weather Service.

Meteorological Institute.

Preliminary research on tornado forecasting: Tornado Weather and Risk Analysis: An Assessment of the Standardized Modeling Approach (TMWA) by Richard G. Fagagan, S.P. (2017) Pretending that it’s not happening: In the absence of an official tornado forecast, there may be a lot that we don’t know about the tornado’s origins.

For example, we might not know if the tornado is coming from a ridge or a trough.

Or, we may not know whether the tornado was a high or low pressure system.

In this article, I discuss the basics of tornado forecasting and how we can get a better understanding of what might be happening.

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