How to make a ‘covid-damp’ cloud that’s cool to look at

The clouds above and below the Earth’s surface look like something from a science fiction movie.

But this is a real phenomenon that scientists are studying, and it’s the reason why we get these amazing images. 

Here’s how to make one.1.

You need a clear lens.

This is going to be your only camera lens.

Use a cheap one that’s about 2.5 inches long and wide.

It’s fine to use a smaller one, but make sure you get one with a low focus distance. 


Use your lens to take a photo.

Start at a distance of about 5 feet (1 meter) and aim for the ground.

Make sure you are not looking at your subject directly, and move the camera in the right direction as you shoot.3.

Take your photos.

Shoot them at different exposures, and then compare them to the ones you took before.

The results will vary. 


Apply some water.

This should be a clear, opaque water that has a water level of about 0.1 percent.

Put it on the ground, and put a towel or towel holder over it so it doesn’t move.5.

Wait for the water to dry.

Once the water is dry, place the photo under a clear cloud.

You should be able to see the cloud from this distance.6.

You can then use your camera to take more photos of the cloud.

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