How to spot an earthquake and tsunami

The UK has been hit by an earthquake that has left more than 150 people dead and triggered a tsunami warning.

Meteorologist Chris Fussell says the tremors have also caused a number of fatalities.

He said: “We are seeing a lot of people have been killed, we have had two people in hospital in one day.”

People are having to wait for hours, it’s been quite a scary period.

“It’s very much a reminder to people that if you’re in the area, it could be a life or death situation.”

Fussell said the tsunami warning had been lifted but the death toll is still rising.

He says there is a strong chance of a major quake and a tsunami, with a strong aftershock possible.

“We’re seeing a real concern for the city of Glasgow,” he said.

“The main concern right now is the tsunami danger but there’s also concern for other parts of the country.”

A tsunami warning has been in place since early Wednesday morning.

Metre waves, powerful gusts of wind and a strong wind at times were seen over the Scottish Highlands.

The Met Office said the quake was “extremely small”.

“At this stage it is too early to predict how large the tsunami hazard will be, but the threat of major damage to infrastructure remains,” the Met Office tweeted.

The Scottish Government said that although the quake is “likely” to have been a freak event, the government would continue to monitor the situation.

The National Grid said the earthquake had not affected its network and the fault line has now been re-established.

“This is not a new occurrence and we have been observing a very small tsunami in the past, but this time the event was of a magnitude of 1.3,” the Scottish Government’s emergency response unit said.

There were no immediate reports of injuries or deaths.

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