Indonesia: Meteorologist: We’re going to go from zero to 100% on climate change

Indonesia’s meteorologist has predicted that the world will be hit by a “climate catastrophe” in the next few decades if it does not act.

A report published by the National Meteorological Centre (NMC) on Wednesday showed the impact of the country’s current drought on the countrys climate change adaptation.

The NMC said a severe drought that has gripped the country has created a “dangerous climate” and is putting a “severe strain on the health and welfare of the population.”

“The countrys climatological conditions are already dangerous, as is the climate change,” the NMC report said.

“We have to deal with these things.

We must adapt to them.

But there are also many other things that we can do that can help us avoid such a catastrophe,” it said.

The NMDC’s chief climate officer said the drought has affected the entire countrys food security, health and the economy.

In the coming years, the NMDCs forecasts showed the country will face a “fatal shortage of water,” leading to “severe economic problems,” the report said, citing the NRC.

The report also said that if the current drought continues, the country may be in danger of “catastrophic consequences” in terms of weather extremes, floods and droughts.

It said that as the country recovers from this crisis, “the climate situation in the country is likely to deteriorate significantly.”

In its statement, the government said that it is committed to taking necessary measures to combat the climate crisis.

According to the government, the measures to curb climate change include the establishment of a Climate-Resilience Fund to help mitigate the impacts of climate change, a national adaptation plan, and the establishment and implementation of the National Adaptation Plan.

At the same time, it said the country needs to work to improve the weather forecasting and weather observation systems, which are “essential to the development of the economy.”

The government also said it is working to strengthen the country and its peoples capacity to adapt to climate change.

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