Meteorological fall to be heaviest in the next three months, forecasters say

Meteorological data from the Indian Meteorological Department showed a meteorological slip to be the heaviest fall in the past three months in Bengaluru, a day after a record rainfall of 12.23 lakh was recorded at Bijapur, the capital of the eastern state of West Bengal.

The previous highest rainfall in Bengal in February, the equivalent of the rainfall recorded in the whole of 2017, came in January, which the meteorological department had said was due to the monsoon rains.

The bureau also said the rainfall fell in the region around the northern city of Chennai, which is home to one of the world’s most important airports, the Indus.

The city of Hyderabad recorded its lowest rainfall of 10.57 lakh, but it was a record low compared with January, when rainfall in the area was more than seven times the average. 

According to the bureau, the rainfall for February in the entire state was a mere 0.09 per cent of the average rainfall for January, down to 0.12 per cent. 

“The meteorological data shows that the rainfall was the lowest recorded in three months,” said an official from the Bengaluru Meteorological department.

“The weather department has issued advisories and issued mandatory measures to ensure a safe and secure environment for the residents.

It will be the worst rainfall in three years,” said a government official. 

The bureau said that the previous record rainfall in January came at a time when there was no rainfall in India, the world leader in the monsoonal rain.

“We are now expecting the heaviest rainfall in 2017 for Bengaluru and the state of India.

This is a clear indication of the impending drought,” said the official.

India’s drought is a persistent, chronic problem in the country, where it has hit the poor, the poor and the vulnerable hardest, especially during the monnies of winter and spring.

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