Meteorological magazine’s meteorological equation calculator

Meteorological Magazine has a handy calculator to help you calculate meteorological values, like the strength of the Earth’s rotation, and their relative values on the other planets.

Meteorological values can be calculated using the following equations:  Earth’s rotation = (v2 * v3)^2 + (v1 * v2)^3 Earth’s average speed of rotation = v2 * (v3)v3 Earths average temperature = v1 * (s3)s3 Earth is at rest = (a2*b2) / (a3*b3) Earth’s total mass = (1/a2) + (1 / b2) Earth is in a retrograde orbit = (r2*(a2+b2)/(b2+a3)) / (r1*(s3+a2)) / a3 The value of a point on the planet is the ratio of the square of its mass to its radius.

 This is the equation to compute the strength or the absolute value of an object on a given day, for instance.

If you want to know more about the Earth or the Moon, the equations can be found in their meteorological article.

This calculator works for the planet Venus as well.

You can also get a more detailed and precise calculation of the strength and absolute value in the Venus article. 

This article is not intended to be a scientific analysis, but rather a fun and useful exercise.

For further reading about meteorology, you might like to check out this article by meteorology professor Tim Davenport, or this article on meteorology by meteorologist Dr. Stephen Stoddard.

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