NASA’s ‘meteorological instrument’ will make a difference on Earth sciences

NASA plans to use a suite of sensors to gather data on the weather and detect climate change.

The agency plans to make the first deployment of the system, known as the Meteorological Instrument, at a facility on the moon.

The goal is to monitor the Earth’s weather and climate from the moon, which has a surface temperature of around minus 280 degrees Fahrenheit.

NASA officials have said the system will help understand and prevent climate change, but the project is not expected to be operational for another decade.

The NASA/GSFC/MSSS/NASA Collaboration has designed and built the sensor.

The Meteorology Instrument will be made of aluminum foil, and it will measure solar radiation coming from the sun.

The sensor will include a battery, which will power sensors that will gather temperature data from the spacecraft’s solar arrays.

The sensors will collect data on weather and temperature and use it to predict how long it will take for the weather to change.

It will be the first sensor for climate data to be deployed to space.

A separate system is being built to help monitor the atmosphere, which is not intended to collect weather data but is expected to provide information on climate.

The U.S. government has asked the European Space Agency (ESA) to support the mission.

The satellite, called the METAR-C2, will be launched by SpaceX in 2020, and the NASA/ESA Collaboration is working with European Space Operations (ESA), which has said it will provide launch services.

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