‘No way’: Geelong barbershop cuts jobs, opens barber shop in Melbourne

A barbers shop in Geelong has announced it will close its doors for good amid concerns over the impact of climate change.

The Geelong Barbershop has been in business for 40 years but has lost more than half of its jobs because of climate impacts, said owner Gary Parnell.

“It’s a massive change.

The world is changing and the weather is changing, we can’t go into business without the right kind of knowledge,” Mr Parnel said.”

If you go to the barbers in Gevels, they are not going to be going on about climate change and they don’t think it’s going to happen.”

So if you are going to make a change, make a commitment to change.

“The Gevel’s Barbers Association has agreed to reduce the number of apprenticeship positions and cut about 300 jobs, while the local branch of the National Union of Barbers and Groomers has agreed not to renew its licence for two years.

Mr Parnells said he would be able to continue to work as a barber for another 10 years.”

I’ve been here for 35 years, I know the business, I’ve got my hands on it, I’m a very experienced barber, I have a very good reputation, I can still make a difference and I know what I’m doing,” Mr, Parnels said.

The Barbers Guild of Australia said it had been working with Mr Pavarnell for two months to discuss the future of the Gevel Barbers shop.”

The guild of barbers has been working closely with the Geelong Council and the City of Geelong and with Geelong Chamber of Commerce, the council has said they’re prepared to provide funding to the Geelelong Barber’s Association to maintain the barber’s services,” a statement said.

Mr and Mrs Parnes have been employed at the shop for 40-years, and the Geels barbers have been open at least as long.

Mr Trennon said the decision was made after the barbed wire around the shop was cut and he and his wife were told they would lose their jobs.”

We thought this is a very serious thing.

I was worried about it.

We had just had a baby and it was very stressful.

We thought this was just going to get worse,” Mr Trenno said.

Geelong City Council said it would work with the guild to ensure the bar was not affected.

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