AUSTRALIA: ‘There’s nothing to see here’

On Tuesday night, the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Office reported that a large meteorological event, with a diameter of about 2,000 kilometres, had hit the northern coast of the Australian Capital Territory.The event, dubbed the AFROP, is one of the most powerful meteorological events the planet has ever seen.The coronavirus epidemic that began in December […]

Why we don’t need to fear meteorology as much as we fear technology

We don’t have to worry about meteorology being invented to save our lives, or the economy, or society.Instead, we should be focused on being smart enough to avoid disaster.But the fear of technology and technology-induced disruption of our lives is something that has been around for millennia, according to a new study.The study published in […]

Why are we still talking about the 2013 Satelite Meteorological Monitoring System disaster

The U.S. Space and Science Association, in a statement issued Friday, called the Satelites failure a “tragedy” that will forever be known as the “Satellite Meteorological Disaster” and an “incredible embarrassment to all those who were trying to save the nation from an unmitigated disaster.”The association added that the Satellites system is “a shining example […]

I don’t want to be a meteorologist anymore, I want to study astronomy

I am a former meteorologist, a former astronomy teacher, and a graduate of the University of Florida.In the summer of 2019, I joined the faculty of the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in Gainesville.I had just finished my undergraduate degree and wanted to get into astronomy.I wanted to be able to apply my experience to a […]

NASA’s ‘meteorological instrument’ will make a difference on Earth sciences

NASA plans to use a suite of sensors to gather data on the weather and detect climate change.The agency plans to make the first deployment of the system, known as the Meteorological Instrument, at a facility on the moon.The goal is to monitor the Earth’s weather and climate from the moon, which has a surface […]

Why is China trying to create a new class of meteorologists?

A year ago, the world was awash in the promise of a new meteorological profession.China’s National Meteorological Bureau announced a plan to create one, and it was a bold plan.It called for graduates to have a bachelor’s degree in meteorology, and a master’s degree, and even a PhD. What they would get would be the […]

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