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When meteorologists are on the go, you can be sure of a meteorological surprise

PHILIPPINES —  A meteorologist with a penchant for predicting weather has been spotted at the International Space Station on the second day of a two-week mission.NASA astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted Monday that a meteorologist on the International Station, located about 3,300 miles (5,800 kilometers) from Earth, spotted a meteor with a green tail.In the image, […]

Behr’s Weather Station in Germany is the first commercial facility to operate using the technology

By Eric Sorensen | 03.24.2016 09:11:07While many businesses have embraced cloud computing, Behr says it’s not just for big companies.“It’s great for small companies, too.And the world is moving from being a big country to a little country.”Behr, who’s been with Behr for nearly four decades, has been making weather forecasts for more than 10 […]

Free Meteorology Software on the Android Appstore

Free Meteorological Software on Google Play and Apple AppStore for Android devices.Free Meteorological App is available for download from the Appstore for Android Devices and can be downloaded free.The app has been downloaded over 8.3 million times in the last 24 hours.FreeMeteorologicalApp is a free software app that provides free and open source software that […]

What’s up with the “meteorologist” phenomenon?

Meteorologists are an important part of meteorology today.They’re the ones who watch, study, record and write reports on weather and weather events. They’re also the ones whose jobs are tied to the weather. But when it comes to the way meteorologists speak, their voices and opinions are a little different than other professions.  Some meteorologists are called “meteors,” […]

Danish meteorological Institute reports 1,100 deaths from Typhoon Morato as the death toll climbs to 4,400

Denmark has recorded its highest death toll from Typhoon Morna in four years, as more than 4,000 people were killed in the typhoon.Meteorologist Kristian Wienstad said there were now 5,800 people who have died in the region.He said that the number of confirmed deaths had been about 1,000 higher than the previous day.“So, the total […]

Mississippi state meteorologist’s home destroyed by tornado

LAS VEGAS — A meteorologist with a history of tornadoes in Louisiana was killed by a tornado near Las Vegas when her home was destroyed by the powerful storm, authorities said Wednesday.Mississippi State Meteorologist Elizabeth Davenport was killed Tuesday in the town of Greenbrier near Lake Charles, Louisiana State Police said in a news release.The […]

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