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Fiji’s meteorological station has fallen to the ‘fall’ category

Fiji’s Meteorological Station, located in the remote Andaman Sea, has lost its signal, the Meteorological Service (MS) announced on Friday.The Meteorological Office of Fiji reported that the meteorological facility lost signal in mid-July, with data from the satellite data coming in from the previous two days.According to the MS, the station was not equipped to […]

How Mississippi’s meteorological Spring could impact the presidential race

The forecast calls for an extended period of rain across the Mississippi Valley on Saturday, followed by a dry spell for the rest of the month.The temperature will also rise, which is predicted to be 10 to 12 degrees warmer than the average across much of the United States. The forecast also predicts heavy snowfall, which […]

When India launches an aircraft, it will make sure it’s equipped with the latest in meteorology and navigation tools

BY TIMOTHY A. CLARYPosted November 20, 2019 09:38:13When India launches a plane, it would make sure the engines are equipped with its latest in satellite navigation tools.That’s what the country’s Meteorological Department said today, announcing a launch of the first ever Arianespace aircraft in the country.This aircraft will be the first Arianespeak-class aircraft to be […]

The Weather is Changing, Here’s How You Can Spot the Signs | MTV News

The weather is changing, here’s how you can spot the signs.The world is getting warmer and the weather is shifting, so it’s important to be prepared and aware of the weather ahead.This week, we’ll explore how the weather affects us as humans, and how we can anticipate when it’s best to take a break from […]

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