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How to read weather in 10 minutes: Why the US and Canada are on the same page

The weather on the ground is changing rapidly.The United States and Canada have a common understanding of the day-to-day weather in the United States, and they have different expectations for when to expect different types of weather.The US and Canadians have a much more flexible understanding of weather in other countries.  What to do if you’re […]

Why Guam is so lucky to be in a tropical depression

The Guam Meteorological Society says its not a tropical storm, but its not just the island that’s in trouble: Guam is also in a Pacific typhoon.That means the island’s electricity and telecommunications infrastructure is at risk of catastrophic damage, as are most of the coastal areas around the island, including Guam City.Guam is the second-most […]

Behr’s Weather Station in Germany is the first commercial facility to operate using the technology

By Eric Sorensen | 03.24.2016 09:11:07While many businesses have embraced cloud computing, Behr says it’s not just for big companies.“It’s great for small companies, too.And the world is moving from being a big country to a little country.”Behr, who’s been with Behr for nearly four decades, has been making weather forecasts for more than 10 […]

How to watch the world’s meteorological days in detail

The calendar for 2017, which begins with the beginning of May, is the best time to plan a trip to a particular city, town or region, the website of the Meteorological Society of America (MSA) said on its website.The dates and times are based on information from weather services, weather stations, meteorologists and other information […]

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