Vanuatu Meteorological Service: ‘The rain was falling so fast’

The rain was so intense it turned into a cloud, but Vanuatians didn’t have to worry about rain on Tuesday.

According to the Vanuatar Meteorological service in the capital of the country, the rain was dropping so fast that the skies were dark and clouds were rolling in from all directions.

“The rain started to fall in the afternoon and we saw that it turned out to be an area where there was a cloud,” said meteorologist, Ano Gokang.

“We could not see any rain but it was clear there was rain.

It was really exciting.”

He said that during the night there were thunderstorms, some rain fell and there was some lightning.

He said it was also getting dark but it seemed that it would be clear on Tuesday morning.

“This rain was very, very intense and the rain continued to fall and I had to say, the clouds were falling,” he said.

“I think it was the first time I’ve seen such a heavy rain fall so fast and it was even heavier than usual,” he added.

A meteorologist at the Meteorological Services said it appeared the rain fell at the same time as the storms.

“As of now we don’t have any reports of the rainfall hitting us in the city but we have been getting some reports in other areas of the city,” he told the ABC.

“There is also the possibility that there may be some rain in some areas in the south east, but we don’ know for sure yet.”

He added that the rainfall was likely to continue for several days.

“It is a very wet year in the region and we are expecting the rainy season to be wetter than usual this year,” he warned.

“What we can see in the future is that we will see some very heavy rainfall in the north east this year, but it may be less heavy and the clouds will be clearing a bit more.”

A lot of the rain that fell over the last few days has been coming from the south-east.

But it will be more heavy in the next few days,” he explained.”

So it’s going to be a little bit of a mixed picture this year.

“The rain comes as Vanuats rainfall records are set to be broken on Tuesday evening.

The previous record for rain was set on March 30 when 9.8 centimetres fell.

But the record for the year was set by Vanuarians on February 20, when a record 9.3 centimetre fell.

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