What happens when scientists find a comet?

It’s a great question.

Scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, recently discovered that the comet that scientists are hoping to study is indeed a comet.

But the comet they found, Comet C/2013 Y1, is far from what scientists expected, as they discovered a variety of new features.

Here’s what to know about the new comet.

What’s Comet C?

C/2014 Y1 is named after the constellation of the Great Comet of 1783, which is known to be a great comet hunter.

The comet is believed to have originated from a binary system, where one of the main stars of the system is moving toward the sun at a rate of about 2 million miles per hour.

The other main star, also called Abydos, is a supergiant star at about 40 percent the mass of the sun, about half the mass as our sun.

The star system is thought to have been formed in a young star system that is now surrounded by gas and dust from a companion star, called A. That companion star was thought to be about the same mass as the sun and the comet.

Now scientists think that it is a binary, and both star systems are orbiting the sun in a supernova explosion.

That’s a process that can produce the powerful gravitational force of the collision that is known as a supernovae.

This means that the star system was captured in a gravitational collapse and that the resulting collapse created a new, more massive star system.

In a binary star system, the two stars are orbiting each other.

The two stars would have formed from a massive stellar explosion and merged to form a single star.

The stars would then have collided and produced the big bang.

The gravitational collapse that created the new system is the result of the merging of two stars and the formation of a binary of stars, or two neutron stars.

What is a Supernova?

A supernova is a kind of stellar explosion that happens in the early universe, and it can cause powerful, powerful explosions.

The supernova also causes the formation and destruction of stars and planets in our universe.

The Supernova that C/Y1 was born from was one of these supernovas.

When the explosion occurs, a huge amount of energy is released, creating a black hole that is in the center of the black hole.

The black hole eventually explodes, and its energy is scattered outward.

This can cause the entire universe to expand and contract, but the amount of light that it emits is tiny compared to the amount that it takes to create the light of the Sun.

When C/1317 Abydas is captured by the Sun, the amount the sun emits will be much smaller than the amount it takes the sun to create all of the light in the universe.

If that amount of radiation is emitted from the star, then the energy that the sun is producing is much smaller and therefore less powerful than the Sun’s output.

What happens to the captured star system after the merger?

The new binary star, which has two stars, is said to be orbiting a distant companion star called A bydas.

The companion star is a remnant of a massive star that was born during the process of the supernova.

The remnant star is about 1.4 billion times brighter than the sun.

At that point, the companion star should be much brighter than it is.

In the case of the new star system A bydos, the remnant star has just been captured by a supermassive black hole at the center.

This supermassive star is much more massive than the remnant and is a very powerful black hole, which should be producing a lot of energy to keep the companion from burning up.

When a super massive star explodes, the black holes that form within the supermassive stars can cause superheated gas and other materials to be ejected from the blackholes.

These materials can cause massive explosions that can destroy objects in the vicinity.

C/2011 J09-2311-05 is a good example of what happens when the super black hole is being pulled toward the companion and it is collapsing.

The gas and material that are released from the collapse is massive enough that it can affect the density of the gas and cause it to become denser than normal.

This could have disastrous effects for the companion.

The new comet is currently the brightest object in the sky that the JPL has discovered in nearly two decades, with a maximum brightness of about 100 times greater than the previous record holder, C/2009 T065.

That object, which was named Comet C, is now moving toward us from the constellation Cepheus, the Serpent.

Scientists are currently looking for comets to hunt for clues about how the solar system evolved and why we live in it.

What kind of science is this?

The study of comets is important to our understanding of the universe and how it formed, and is particularly important to planetary science, which studies the formation, evolution and formation of the planets in the solar neighborhood.

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