When water is a ‘problem’ in a typhoon: How to deal with it

By Kevin Lee/Reuters – August 24, 2019 07:03:56The next typhoon to hit China is expected to be much bigger and stronger than Typhoon Haiyan.

But it may have been much less severe.

The scale of Haiyan’s damage is far from being understood, and the global impact of the disaster is still far from clear.

The US Geological Survey has reported Haiyan has the strongest wind gust recorded on record, with more than 30 millimetres of rain falling in the region.

But the US is a world leader in climate change research, and has been working with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to understand how water vapor is absorbed by the atmosphere.

“The way water vapor moves through the atmosphere, you’re going to have very strong winds, and a lot of that will be absorbed by water,” said Paul Schmitt, the US Geological Society’s associate director for hydrology.

“But it’s also going to be a lot colder, and that will reduce the amount of precipitation that falls.”

What you need to know about HaiyanThe first signs of Haiya’s impact were in the early hours of Monday morning, when it struck the Philippines, bringing widespread destruction.

The storm, which is forecast to intensify as it approaches China, is expected on Tuesday to make landfall in Vietnam, according to meteorologists from the US-based Weather Prediction Center.

But a typhoid outbreak in China is unlikely.

A small number of cases have been confirmed in the country, according the Xinhua news agency.

The first typhoon of the year will not be the first to hit the Asian nation.

Haiyan devastated the Philippines in 2015, forcing about 10,000 people to flee the capital, Manila, and more than 500,000 to seek shelter in makeshift shelters.

The Philippine government says that it has no record of a previous typhoon hitting the country this year.

But if Haiyan is as strong as some of its neighbours say, it will be a big challenge for the country to rebuild and cope with the damage.

“We have to think about rebuilding in a way that is sustainable, and we have to look at ways to mitigate the impact of that, as well as other issues that are a challenge,” said Daniel Janssen, a professor of tropical medicine at Harvard Medical School.

“So we’re not sure whether we will be able to rebuild quickly enough to handle the damage.”

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