Which team will have the best start to the season?

With an eye on the upcoming Champions Trophy, the BCCI has released a report on the start of the Indian Premier League season.

The report, released on Monday, had projected that the Mumbai Indians will start the season with a victory over the Chennai Super Kings in the IPL.

The Chennai SuperKings have been in the Champions Trophy qualification race for the past three years, and they will now begin their campaign in India after having a disappointing IPL campaign in 2015.

While the Mumbai franchise is expected to start their campaign with a clean sheet, Chennai will have to contend with a host of teams in the league.

They have been drawn against Mumbai Indians, Hyderabad Heat and Mumbai Renegades in the final stage of the IPLE.

The Renegades have been the highest seeded team in the tournament, but will face the biggest challenge in the form of the Chennai Royals.

The Royals will have a tough challenge against Mumbai Renegade, the lowest seeded team, which has a combined record of 3-7.

They will be expected to come from behind to defeat the Royals.

The Mumbai Royals are likely to be the favourites to win this series.

After being eliminated from the Champions League last season, the Mumbai Royals have come back strong with a solid campaign, winning their final two matches of the tournament.

The Royals have a record of 7-0 in the last three matches of this season.

This will be a tough battle for the Mumbai Renegaders to win in the first phase of the competition, but they are confident that they will be victorious.

The team will face off against Chennai Royals, the second seeded team after the Royals, in the quarter-finals.

The Renegades will be looking to end the season on a high as they are currently sitting in a tie with Mumbai Royals.

If they can get out of their group and end up in the top two, the Renegades could take the title from the Royals in the semi-finals on Thursday.

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