Why are we still talking about the 2013 Satelite Meteorological Monitoring System disaster

The U.S. Space and Science Association, in a statement issued Friday, called the Satelites failure a “tragedy” that will forever be known as the “Satellite Meteorological Disaster” and an “incredible embarrassment to all those who were trying to save the nation from an unmitigated disaster.”

The association added that the Satellites system is “a shining example of the science of weather forecasting.”

Satellite meteorologists had been working on their first satellite, the SELMA, which was supposed to begin operating in 2014, with the goal of sending data to the U.N. Climate Change Panel for analysis.

The failure, according to the association, took place in August 2013 and the system failed with no warning, causing a cascade of devastating damage to the country’s infrastructure and lives. 

“The Satelliters failures have caused a profound public-health and economic crisis in many parts of the world,” the association said.

“It has been estimated that by 2030, the cost of an entire population in the United States alone could exceed $200 billion.” 

The association said that “the Satellis failures have created a severe public health and economic catastrophe” and called on all parties involved to take action to prevent a repeat.

The association said it has a $5.3 billion fund for the disaster relief fund.

 A second SELAMas launch, the UASAT-2, was planned for 2021, but was delayed to 2022 because of technical problems.

In March, the association launched an online petition calling for an investigation into the SESAT disaster, calling the agency’s actions “disastrous” and “a disgrace to all who put their lives on the line to protect our environment and our communities.”

In June, the group asked NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine to appoint a new director of the National Space Weather Prediction Center, and he announced in August that he would investigate the SEMA disaster.

“We are going to look at the SAMSAT satellite system, and if there’s any lessons to be learned from this, we will do something about it,” Bridenstone said at the time.

The association also said the agency should have “the right and ability to respond in a more effective manner” to the disaster, and urged the agency to establish a fund for future satellite weather forecasts.

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