Why is China trying to create a new class of meteorologists?

A year ago, the world was awash in the promise of a new meteorological profession.

China’s National Meteorological Bureau announced a plan to create one, and it was a bold plan.

It called for graduates to have a bachelor’s degree in meteorology, and a master’s degree, and even a PhD. What they would get would be the first of a “new class of highly qualified meteorologists,” the bureau wrote.

The job would be a key part of China’s government effort to modernize its government-run meteorological services, which had been dominated by a single, powerful entity.

The bureau has been working on creating a new type of meteorologist, but the department’s deputy director, Wang Yongyin, said that the agency still hasn’t made a decision on what the new profession would look like.

China is also trying to change the way it collects and presents meteorological data.

A new program, launched in October, called Meteorology for Kids will help children learn about meteorology from a young age.

“We have seen a dramatic increase in kids’ interest in science and technology in recent years, which has been a positive factor for the country’s meteorological research,” the Meteorology Department wrote in a blog post announcing the program.

“We believe the opportunity to develop the skills of our youth in meteorological science will help them develop their future in a variety of fields.”

As part of its new plan, the bureau has announced a number of initiatives, including creating a series of new meteorology courses for children, which it says will train students in meteorologing skills, including the use of GPS and satellite imagery.

One of those is called “GeoGeo” — a short course that will teach students about satellite imagery and how to use it to locate objects in the sky.

China’s meteorology department also announced a pilot program that will offer students the opportunity “to study at a local university and take a meteorological course.”

Students in the program will receive a certificate and be able to earn a degree from a local institute.

The Meteorology department’s website states that the program aims to train students “in the principles of the scientific method, the theory of relativity, and the principles that govern the development of meteorological methods and technologies.”

It also says the pilot program will offer free meteorology training to local schools, but that the meteorology graduate program will be paid for with public funds.

In a letter to parents and students, the department said the new program will “provide a comprehensive foundation for the new generation of meteorology professionals.”

But the department did not immediately provide a timetable for when the new meteorologist program would be launched.

China has also begun to expand its role in collecting and presenting weather data in the United States.

The National Weather Service, which operates out of the Bureau of Meteorology, said last month that it plans to launch a new service called Weather Data, that will provide weather forecasts, forecasts and data about climate.

The service will have to be launched separately from the Bureau, but Weather Data will be able provide data about weather, as well as weather events and other weather information.

In its latest annual report to Congress, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said that China has become a major contributor to global weather data.

According to the report, China accounted for more than 80 percent of the global volume of data in 2015.

China, the report noted, has been developing its own weather models for years, and also plans to build a weather station in the US.

The agency also noted that China is currently the largest supplier of meteorographic data to the US government.

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